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3B Jewellery

Gallery Guide

Gallery guide

Available - the jewel is in our storage and can be sent immediately (we are shipping worldwide, the date of delivery is between 1-3 weeks depending on the country).

On Request - the jewel is not in our storage at the moment but it can be done and sent in short time (the jewel is made the very day it was requested or on the next day).

Reserved - the jewel has been already requested and is going to be shipped soon. We use that opportunity with jewels including stones or/and gemstones because every rock is one of their kind and therefore the pattern cannot be reproduced.

Not Available - the jewel was already sent to its new owner. Considering stones and gemstones, a similar pattern can be requested. Considering bead jewels, we do not have the needed material in our storage at the moment and the jewel cannot be created in short time.